The Perfect Program

The perfect youth ministry program… doesn’t exist.

There is no one size fits all way of doing youth ministry that can be implemented and succeed everywhere. If you look at the program across town or across the country that’s exploding with growth and simply try to take what they’re doing and replicate it, you’re headed for disappointment. Besides, if you and the church down the street are doing the exact same thing, one of you is unnecessary. 
Design your program around the leadership you have, the discipleship your students need, the infrastructure you have access to, and the culture you’re trying to create. Working in that order will create a program uniquely suited to your students.

Why Retreats Work

I spent the past two weekends at our annual Sno Camp retreats with over 1100 high school students and leaders. I count it a huge privilege to be a part of the team that provides this experience to students. Year after year we see the spirit move powerfully in the lives of students. I used to be surprised by it, but then I came across a theory that captures exactly why retreats are so powerful.

The 5 Needs of Discipleship for Teens

Discipleship is at the very heart of what we do in youth ministry, but too often we try to make our discipleship efforts fit the programming that’s already in place. That’s backwards. Start with how your ministry will reach students for Christ and grow them as His followers and then build a program that meets those needs.
To build a discipleship plan think through how you will meet these 5 needs of your students: