March 3-5, 2017 - Youth Ministry Today

Sno Camp Round #2

What a great weekend at our 2nd (and final) Sno Camp retreat for 2017. One of the best things about these retreats is getting to serve alongside of awesome people. This weekend Ryan McDermott (along with his wife and son) joined us all the way from West Palm Beach, Florida. It was great to get a few hours of snowboarding in with Ryan before we made our way to Muskoka Woods on friday too. He absolutely crushed it during the sessions this weekend. You could've heard a pin drop while he was talking, which we assured him was a good thing.
Lightfall lead us in worship for the weekend. I can't say enough good things about those guys. We've done a bunch of retreats together now and I'm happy to call each of them friends.

That picture in the lower left is of the team of guys who make these retreats happen. They gave up 4 weekends this winter to drive north, lose sleep, run sessions, make videos, organize tournaments, spin music, and a long list of other jobs. They do it with pride, they do it with excellence, and they do with with lots of laughter and love along the way. These weekends literally could not happen without them.

Got home from Sno Camp and headed almost straight to a House Party with our High school students. I was wiped out but it was good to hang out with them and great to facetime with Mikhaila all the way from Guatemala!

Tomorrow... I plan to sleep.

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