February 27-29, 2017 - Youth Ministry Today

I left directly from Sno Camp on Sunday to fly to Orlando for the BOB conference. Well, kind of a conference, but not really. It's a small gathering of pastors that happens each year that I'm quite blessed to be a part of. You ever have those times where you're in a room you feel like you have no business being in? Ya, that's BOB for me. Surrounded by highly skilled and gifted guys who are all committed to reaching students for Jesus.

I look forward to this time for the learning opportunities and community. We take time and have some fun but also learn from each other and others who come in to speak with us. Highlight of this year - touring NASA and hearing from Dave King, former NASA shuttle launch director. He'd be the last guy to give the all clear before a launch could happen. Amazing leadership lessons to take in from him.

This gathering falls at a tough time of year, coming right between our Sno Camp retreats. But, it's so worth it. I'm already looking forward to the next one.

Jeremy BestComment