February 8th, 2017 - Youth Ministry Today

Wednesdays - always a full day but often one of my favourite days of the week

Started this morning with some time with my small group of guys from our Christian school (FCA) that we have at Faith. Forgot to take a picture (I'm still new at this!) but always love getting to hang with those guys.

Spent the latter part of the morning at the hospital (boooo) for a test. Nothing big, just to check on my esophagus as I seem to get food stuck in my throat a lot. I thought about chewing more, but that seems like a lot of work..

This afternoon, spent time working on The Youth Ministry Summit - a FEB Youth event for youth workers coming up in April. I'm so excited for it and it's always a huge highlight of my year. But, there's lots of work yet to be done, too.

Tonight, as with every Wednesday, I got to be with our Faith Sr High crew. We kicked off a new series called "We Believe" where we'll be walking through the core doctrines of the Christian faith. Tonight we looked at why we can trust the Bible and the discussion and questions we had in our small group afterward were great. Hopefully a sign of things to come as we go through this series.

Wrapped up the day with our monthly Sr High leaders' meeting where we took some time to check out a training video put out by DYM. I'm seriously spoiled with the team I get to serve with. It's a great thing to simply enjoy the people that you get to serve alongside.

february 8th, 2017
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