February 7th, 2017 - Youth Ministry Today

Tuesdays - are quite often my busiest day of the week.

Today, started out, as it usually does, with staff meeting. After that, I spent a few hours doing lots of little tasks including working on Sno Camp - planning out sessions and dealing with some emails and admin stuff (so.much.admin....).

This afternoon I got to spend some time with Steve Brown (our associate pastor) and Steve McCready (our sr pastor) to begin planning out our upcoming rugby season. If you make a habit of reading these posts, brace yourself; you'll be reading an awful lot about rugby over the next few months. The three of us are the coaches for the boys and girls rugby teams at Parkside Collegiate in St Thomas (the same school I coach football at). How many churches do you know where 3 of the pastors spend 4 afternoons a week through the spring teaching 40 + high school students to play rugby? I Love my job so much.

Tuesday Nights are all about Jr High. Tonight I got to sit back and watch as Isaac Zywczok brought the word. So good to have that guy on our team. After the Jr highs left we had our monthly leader's meeting where Allan unsuccessfully tried to get out of the picture I was taking. I have an amazing team of leaders. For instance, I took the entire month of December off (I'll write about that sometime) and they didn't miss a beat. Such a huge blessing to serve with them.

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