February 6th, 2017 - Youth Ministry Today

Mondays... for me aren't bad actually. Typically it's my day to catch up on things that piled up over the weekend and lay out the week ahead, and usually get in a meeting or two. So, today was a pretty typical Monday.
Today began with clean up from the Super Bowl Party last night and dealing with some expense forms and deposits.
At lunch, I got to hang out with Luke Cuthbert, youth and worship pastor at Summerside in London. Any day I get to hang out with other youth pastors and talk ministry is usually a good day - especially when they buy lunch (Thanx, Luke!)
This afternoon was back to the office for a while to deal with emails and calendar stuff. Plus, and this is very exciting for me, I got to meet with my soon to be part time assistant, Nichelle. I'm so thankful and pumped that my elders have made this possible. Nichelle will definitely help strengthen our ministry.
Monday nights are for swimming lessons with the boys and tonight we went for a little post swimming reward at Tim Horton's. Elijah was quite thrilled about the heart shaped boston cream donut he got. Ezra... well, Ezra just wanted to go to McDonalds.

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