February 22 - Youth Ministry Today

Wednesday again! Always a crazy day.... especially when my kids decide that day should begin at 5am. Not cool, boys, not cool at all...
I was with people from 9 this morning until now... which is 9:30pm. Started off with my guys small group from FCA. We talked for a bit and then played a round of FIRTH on the youth room pool table. Definitely a favourite of ours.

After small group, I had a bit of time to get some emails and writing done before heading over to Parkside for rugby practice. Both teams are progressing well already. I can't wait to get them outside so we can get real training underway!
After Rugby, straight to a lunch meeting where I got to catch up with a crew of our college students who are home for reading week. So good to spend time with them again.
Tonight, Sr High as always. Started off with a game of Emoji Charades - which was fun! Did some lectio Divina with the group and talked about Sin as we continue walking through the core doctrines of our faith.

Somewhere in between that stuff there was time to write the message for tonight, meet with a couple other people, and get some prep done for Sno Camp which is coming up this weekend.

february 22, 2017
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